Friday, November 25, 2016

Hoodie designs at Contagious Clothing by Davi

Hoodie designs from November 2016

Difficult to Cure (TM)   is a service park and trademarked by Davi Barreiros, founder of Contagious Clothing.

You can order online at Contagious Clothing

"Difficult to Cure" (trademark) belongs to Contagious Clothing's founder, Davi Barreiros

Look what we found when we searched "difficult to cure"

Susan G. Komen Foundation Elbows Out Charities Over Use Of The ...

Dec 7, 2010 - So far, Komen has identified and filed legal trademark oppositions against ... They said they own 'cure' in a name and we had to stop using it, even ... “and we try very hard to be reasonable, but it's still our obligation to make ...

Suing for the Cure? | Stanford Social Innovation Review

Aug 11, 2010 - Leaders at Komen, the nonprofit that made “for the cure” a staple in ... For-profit companies engage in trademark battles to protect their brands all the time. .... SGK is the right organization to deserve my hard earned money.

Lawsuits for the cure? -

Jun 1, 2011 - It's among the nonprofits grappling with trademark disputes. ... using the phrase "for a cure" and to halt its request for a Mush for a Cure trademark. ... "Then someone with really deep pockets tries to make life difficult for you.

Lawsuits for the Cure: From the Archives - Awesome Cancer Survivor

Oct 7, 2012 - Susan G. Komen For the Cure Wages Turf War over Trademark Slogan ... I find it very hard to believe that Komen's lawyers can justify their ...

Here's how we make the logo

Here is how we make the logos

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However, we can't use this font because it is registered as a trademark (the entire font).  Oh well.

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